Complete estate service

from just £1450 + vat

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Complete estate service

You remain executor and appoint us to administer the entire estate on your behalf.

From £1,450 + VAT

  • Collecting in all assets and funds due to the estate
  • Funds are held in a regulated client monies account
  • Statutory notices placed prior to distribution of funds
  • Anti-money laundering compliance checks
  • Distributions to all beneficiaries
  • Preparation of formal estate accounts

This service is usually used in conjunction with our Grant of Probate service, but if you have already obtained the Grant of Probate, we are still happy to offer our Complete Estate Service.

How Much Does It Cost For the Complete Estate Service?

Our Complete Estate Service fees are usually based on a percentage of 2% of the gross estate value, subject to a minimum fee of £1,450+ VAT.

This is in addition to the Grant of Probate fee of £755 (this figure includes VAT).

We are happy to provide a full estimate once we have reviewed your case and in most cases can offer a fixed, all-inclusive fee to deal with the Grant of Probate and the Complete Estate Service.

What’s included?

Our Complete Estate Service covers the following: 

  • Taking your instructions.
  • Ascertaining the eligibility of the executors to apply for the Grant of Probate.
  • Reviewing the validity of the will and any related documents.
  • Reviewing the inheritance tax reliefs available, and whether they apply to the estate. 
  • Assessing the nature, extent and value for inheritance tax purposes of the assets of the Estate.
  • Assessing the nature, extent and value for inheritance tax purposes of the liabilities of the Estate.
  • Engaging with HMRC as to the valuations of assets or of liabilities contained within the data retrieved by us or supplied to us.
  • Collecting in assets, closing accounts or discharging any liabilities of the estate.
  • Liaising with asset holders on your behalf.
  • Arranging any insurances for any property that needs to be safeguarded during the period of the administration.
  • Engaging with the Department of Works and Pensions regarding any liability arising from overpaid benefits or from the ineligibility of any benefits due to any oversight in providing full disclosure of capital or income.
  • Engaging with charities and their designated officers on your behalf.
  • Engaging with HMRC as to the basis of calculation of any past current or future liability to inheritance tax, capital gains tax, income tax or any other taxes triggered by the application for probate.
  • Arranging for the publishing the statutory notices in the Gazette and local newspapers to protect you from challenges to the estate (advert fees are charged at cost).
  • Arranging for final distribution among entitled beneficiaries.
  • Preparing final estate accounts covering the period of administration of the estate.
  • Providing you support over the phone during normal office hours.
  • Keeping you updated by phone and email or another method of your choice.
  • Stop unwanted mail addressed to the deceased and safeguard against identity theft.

What isn’t included?

  • Attending inquests or liaising with the Coroner’s Service.
  • Arranging funerals or cremation services.
  • Authenticating or dealing with any problems arising from the form or content of any Will or Codicil with the Will (where the original is lost, destroyed, defaced or incomplete, or otherwise in a physical state giving rise to further query or investigation by the Probate Registry).
  • Investigating or looking into any asset or liability data supplied by you, your accountant or your financial adviser or any third party authorised by you.
  • Dealing with the purchase or transfer of assets between beneficiaries.
  • Estate planning for beneficiaries or their families.
  • Any legal fees or disbursements, including property sales/transfers.
  • Advising on or preparing Deeds of Variation in respect of inheritance tax or capital gains tax.
  • Preparing Income Tax returns for the deceased or the estate or for beneficiaries.
  • Administering any trusts created by the Deceased or by the Deceased’s will.
  • Challenging any assessment of residential care fee liabilities.
  • Challenging the financial management of the Deceased’s funds by former attorneys or deputies.
  • Arbitrating or mediating disputes between beneficiaries.
  • Dealing with any claim or claims made against the estate (whether made by any third-party creditor or by any beneficiary or any claimant whether named in the will or entitled by reason of the application of the rules of intestacy or otherwise).

Don't Do It Alone!

Losing a loved one is an awful experience and very stressful. There can be a great deal of work involved in sorting out the affairs of the deceased estate and all this comes at a time of great loss and grief.
We’re here to reduce the burden and guide you through the entire process.

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Property title change

If you require a property title to be changed, either by the removal of a deceased party or the transfer of the property into a beneficiary's name, we can provide this add-on service for
£ 450
00 + VAT
Plus Land Registry fees (based on property value, usually £40)
  • Dealt with by our in-house legal professionals
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Less stress for you

Need to sell a property?

If you plan to sell a property, we can list your property with our online property partner that also provides you with access to a database of investors and cash buyers, and also discounted local estate agency fees for just £150
£ 150
One off fee
  • Proven to achieve a fast sale
  • No estate agents fees on top, saving you £'000s
  • If a local estate agent is needed, our partner negotiates bulk savings on fees

Will Writing service

If you write a will with one of our partners we will give you an Amazon gift voucher for £20
£ 60
Low fixed price
  • Instant wills prepared same day
  • Member of the Society of Will Writers
  • Options to upgrade your will to include trusts and other protection measures for your loved ones