Benefits of Using a Will Writing Service in 2022 in the United Kingdom

Will Writing Service in 2022

The pandemic over the past couple of years has certainly highlighted the need to have a will written that details who will be administering your estate should you pass, and who you would like to receive your estate.

Whilst it was reported that there had been a 75% increase in the number of enquiries about a will writing service, new research shows that 61% of adults in the UK do not have a will – that equates to around 30 million people.

The reasons for not having a will are varied, such as cost or the belief that they don’t need a will. But one of the top five reasons is because people don’t know where or how to start writing their will. This is where a will writing service can help you understand your assets and know what needs to be considered in your will.

Why do I need a will?

Let’s start with a question we hear regularly, why do you need a will? Whether you’re in your 20s or 50s, the importance of writing a will is the same. A will can help ensure your loved ones are protected and your estate is dealt with in the way you wish upon your death.

A will is a legal document that sets out your wishes, from the type of funeral you’d like to how you want your estate handled, who raises your children, as well as who inherits your possessions and assets. Because it is a legally-binding document, it is important that it is set out and prepared correctly or it could be considered invalid and your family may be in the position of being unclear of your wishes.

The main reasons for making a will are:

Why use a will writing service?

Of course, you are entitled to write your own will; will writing packs are available to buy. However, if you want to make sure that your will is written and prepared correctly, or if you have a large, complex estate, it is highly recommended that you use a will writing service.

There is a general misconception that only a solicitor is able to write a will on your behalf. In reality, that’s not true. An accountant is also able to write a will or you can use a specialist professional will writing service, particularly if you’re not sure how wills work or what needs to be included. 

There are a variety of benefits to using a will writing service including:

You might think that because you are young, unmarried and have no children that you don’t need a will. However, you still have assets; like a car, jewellery, possessions, money in the bank, insurance policies, a pension and possibly a life insurance policy, too. By ensuring you have a legally binding will written by a will writing service, you can be sure that your wishes will be adhered to should you die. If you are older, are married and do have children, the sooner you make a will the more peace of mind you have.

At Probates Online, we offer a will writing service or a Complete Estate Service to help you through the probate process and estate administration upon the death of a loved one. If you are looking for advice on inheritance tax, gifts or trusts, or need to apply for Grant of Probate, Letters of Administration or would like to take advantage of our entire Estate Administration service, visit our website for more information or contact us today.